Workshifting: implementing mobile work and saying goodbye to the office


If companies change their strategies based on customer habits, why not implement new models in favor of employees? More and more organizations in Spain make it easier to work from home, although it is not yet as widespread as in other European countries. The Workshifting , a form of teleworking is taking a lot of strength. It is the best way to give the company flexibility and create an agile and committed work team.

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What is workshifting? .

We can define workshifting as “mobile work” . That is, the possibility of alternating the workplace . This organizational model is based on the adaptation of companies to teleworking , giving employees the option of choosing the device from which to work and the place from which to do it.

More and more professionals are demanding more flexibility from companies to reconcile work with personal or family activities. Here workshifting plays a decisive role . This makes it possible for them to access company data from different locations. Either from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The main reasons for implementing workshifting policies are the reduction of costs and the flexibility it entails for employees.

According to data published by the Citrix teleworking platform , 93% of organizations globally have implemented some workshifting policy.

Why implement workshifting?

The main reasons to bet on workshifting revolve around the new characteristics of the market . If this is constantly changing, improvements must be made in companies so that employees work as much as possible in accordance with the news. If we all read email from our smartphones and are used to using it, it will be beneficial for the company that employees also work from them and combine it, if they wish, with other devices.

In this way, a new trend arises in which the fundamental thing is work, no matter where it is done from.

Two-way benefits: for the company and for the employees

That the employees themselves are the ones who choose how and from where they work will mean great improvements for the company. Also for the day to day of the workers. Both inside and outside your work life. On the one hand, thanks to workshifting, companies achieve more agility in their operations and costs are reduced . On the other hand, professionals acquire work flexibility to combine their tasks with others outside the office.

Here are some of the most significant advantages of workshifting:

Higher productivity

Employees can better plan their workday and set goals or objectives for themselves. This way they gain organization and become more productive . This in turn affects the productivity of the company.

A worker who is happy with his company, who feels listened to and who has flexibility, will be more loyal to the organization.


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Drive business growth

Workshifting gives the company the ability to open new branches or expand existing offices quickly and efficiently. A traditional office building can take away from the organization’s agility to grow easily. This is basically due to the fact that the purchase of new hardware and the installation and configuration of this worker by worker is usually required.

A connected IT infrastructure , in contrast, enables the business to bring new locations online in seconds. Professionals become more effective because they can share files with other colleagues just by having access to the Internet . No matter where they are. They can carry out all kinds of commercial activities without the device from which they connect being a problem.

Reconciliation of work and personal life

This is one of the main problems for workers today. It is also one of the aspects that they value the most when looking for a new job. Workshifting allows you to work from home or from any other place and have flexible hours according to our availability. .

Work and personal life are not usually separated and well defined on a day-to-day basis. If workers cannot adapt to scenarios such as going to the doctor with their child or having their flight canceled and not being able to return, both their productivity and job satisfaction will suffer , as they will not perform their work effectively. They may be tempted to find another company that offers more flexibility .

In the end, this will cost the organization more. Medium-sized companies, for example, spend millions of euros a year to replace their employees. The process of covering a leave, recruiting and training the new employee is time consuming and lost in productivity. A good balance of work and personal life is crucial.

Facilitate mergers and acquisitions

A merger or acquisition is just the beginning of a long and complex process to integrate new offices and workers into an organization. In addition to unifying its business operations, the new company must have a common base of IT resources, including data and applications . This in many cases can take months or years of integration. Virtual computing provides a way to integrate organizations in a faster and more cost-effective way. A connected system can be provided to all workers.

Recruit the best wherever they are

To recruit a qualified professional there will always be competition. Workshifting extends recruitment beyond traditional geographic limitations . This helps companies compete more effectively for candidates in demand by offering a more engaging work experience .

When work becomes fully mobile and location independent , hiring no longer needs to depend on where the candidate currently lives, or their willingness to relocate.

In summary, a company that is committed to this organizational model can become a benchmark for professionals who, given all the advantages that the company offers, want to become employees of the organization .  

Cost reduction

The organization saves 45% on costs related to human resources and recruitment or travel. Data according to the Citrix study. This in turn allows a 26% contribution to environmental sustainability . .

In addition, real estate costs are often the second highest item in the budget. Workshifting promotes that there are no offices, or that large buildings or infrastructure are no longer required.

A common model, in the case of going to the office, is the shared use of desks. This consists of, instead of having an assigned desk for each worker, the employees reserve the space as needed. Only for the days when they have to go to the office.

The Workshifting is increasingly present in organizations. Therefore, if you want to train in human resources techniques to stay up to date, do so with the Master in Human Resources Management 4.0. You will be able to learn to retain talent and attract new professionals, as well as to lead an HR department. We will wait for you!

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