You could work in Canada! These are the 10 most demanded professions in that country


Canada is one of the countries that has been considered as a place to have a good quality of life.

Due to the characteristics of its population, the jobs in Canada most in demand are in technology and trades.


According to a report by Randstad, there are 10 occupations that are the most in demand in Canada in 2020, so if you dedicate yourself to one of these areas you could find a vacancy that fits your profile.

Electrical Engineers: Professionals who are in charge of designing products and systems that have electricity through them. They can be employed in the sectors of energy, telecommunications, software and more. 

Heavy duty mechanic: Those who repair and maintain heavy machinery for companies that require it. They most often work in manufacturing, energy, or construction.

Project Managers: This position is increasingly relevant in industries ranging from telecommunications and engineering to marketing. 

Cleaning workers and laborers: Canada not only requires highly skilled profiles, it also employs laborers, cleaning and maintenance workers in its factories. 

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Business Development Manager: They are responsible for incorporating new businesses and developing strategies to help salespeople in their organization. They also close deals with new clients. 

Software developer: They have a broad field of work in creating business software, applications, website creation or anything else that runs in code. 

Welders: In recent years the number of welders in Canada has decreased, but their work is of the utmost importance in different industries, so this profile is quite demanded by companies.   

Receptionists: Canadian companies are looking for receptionists up-to-date in knowledge of telephone systems and computer programs.

Drivers: Online sales and apps have opened a new field of work for drivers. 

Sales Representatives: Sales associates, or sales representatives, are the most in-demand job in Canada in 2020.

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